1. Browse www.puretedubebe.com/, and choose the category Gift Card.

2. View the products that interests you. Click the article, entering the product page.

3. Select an item and add it to your shopping basket. You can then choose to continue shopping or to process your order.

4. If you want to process your request must is registered, or will have to create an account first. In the upper right corner of the screen you can follow the number of articles and worth having in your cart.

5. After entering the data and verify that all order details are correct, you should finalize your order.

6. You must select the billing address.

7. Since it is a digital product carrier is not necessary.

8. Select a payment method: Transfer bank, paypal, visa, visa electron, v-pay mastercard, mastercard electronic, conductor. It will be sent to the secure payment area or purchase details.

9. Confirm your order to complete the process. You will also receive an email with confirmation of your order, to track your order, go to your client area and click "Order History.

10. Once the payment confirmed a Gift Card will be generated with the amount acquired in section Gifts Card I bought your personal area.

11. You may wish to use the Gift Card in the next cart to purchase or else send to a friend via this form in section Gifts Card I bought your personal area.

The Gift Card has 60 days to be used after its creation, and can not be refunded and will only be applied to products in the cart does not thereby covering the delivery.